Vijay Kedia, FPIs decreases its holdings in Everest Industries Ltd in Mar 2020

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Everest Industries is a fast growing company located in India.It’s a solution providing company involved in building.Everest is involved in manufacturing products such as wall panel partition, cement planks, fibre cement board, stone cladding and so on.

The total public shareholding pattern of Everest Industries in March 2020 quarter was 49.26% while the reports in Dec 2019 quarter was 49.67%.There was a decrease in the total number of shares held in public shareholdings from 77,65,870 in Dec 2019 to 77,02,931 in Mar 2020.

The trends below were observed after comparing the shareholdings in Dec 2019 quarter and Mar 2020 quarter

The Increase in Public Shareholding :

The mutual funds raised from 0.36% to 0.42%, The number of Individual share capital up to Rs 2 Lacs expanded from 22355 to 22979 with an increase from 29.98% 31.05% and Non resident Indian(NRI) waxed from 2.33% to 2.52%.

Decrease in public shareholding :

Foreign portfoilo Investors went down from 1.36% to 0.89%, Vijay kedia reduced from 4.89% to 3.94%, The no of shareholders with Individual share capital in excess of Rs 2 Lacs increased from 14 to 15 but its shareholdings decreased from 9.65% to 8.77%, Any other(specify) slipped a bit from 8.10% to 7.92%, Kedia securities private limited moved down from 1.18% to 1.10% and Bodies corporate lessened from 5.76% to 5.39%.

Uniformity (stability):
The Insurance Companies, Central Government/State Government(s)/President of India, Non-institutions, and Financial Institutions/Banks stayed at (0.00%). Central Government/State Government(s)/President of India remained (0.21%) and Trust(0.01%) was also constant at both quarters.

The shareholdings of promoter and promoter group shareholdings also had a raise from 50.33% in Dec 2019 to 50.74% in Mar 2020.The total no. of public shareholders was 23,381 in December 2019 quarter which elevated to 23958 in March 2020 quarter.

Many of the shareholder’s share decreased and only few increased, many also stayed at the same level. There are no new entries and no exits.


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