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The thought of what to eat and how to get it has become a strong effect that covid-19 pandemic has on most people.The lockdown has since affected many Canadians,making food another mental stress.

Toyota Canada and its group of Toyota dealers have been a good help, catering to this particular need. It has been recorded that even in plenteous times, more than one million people in various part of Canada depends on food banks each month. Right now, the number has increased due to many people who has to stop work due to the lockdown.

Calgary food bank located in Calgary has had to cater for more demands, compared to last spring, there is an increase in the demand up to 20 percent and six Toyota dealers have contributed greatly to the food drive,which Arlene Dickinson,a venture capitalist, one of the frequent personality on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, a Calgary based entrepreneur promoted.

Mitch Massey,the General Manager,Heninger Toyota,said these words on-behalf of the six Toyota dealers “This isn’t the first time our dealers have supported the Calgary Food Bank,but these extraordinary circumstances inspired a group of them to reach out to those helping the more vulnerable members of our community during this challenging time.”

$5000 were donated each.The total donation was $60,000 as a result of Toyota Canada who also matched dollar-for-dollar each dealer’s contribution.

David Lee,the Zone manager of Toyota Canada has said that a program has been created by Toyota Canada to match the donations the dealers made to such types of responses to Covid-19 initiatives.He added that Toyota has committed to continually match donations by local dealers up to a total of $1million. He described the dealers as those who can best determine what is needed in the society,and Toyota has decided to help by matching their funds,and also help double each local donations effectively.

The company has helped fill the bellies of many people who do not have what to eat through its sacrificial donation to Calgary food bank, thereby causing increase in Calgary food bank’s capacity to deliver more food as a result of the campaign.

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