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Relaxo Footwear Limited has its headquarters in Delhi, India. It manufactures and sells a wide range of footwear in India. 70.98% of the company’s shares came through the promoter and promoter group while the remaining 29.02% came through the public shareholders. On comparing the public shareholding pattern for the quarters of December 2019 and March 2020, the following trends were observed:

Increase in shareholding % – The total value of Mutual Funds grew from 6.24% to 6.40%. The Foreign Portfolio Investors climbed up from 2.90% to 2.95%. The Financial Institutions/ Banks stepped up from 0.01% to 0.02%. The shareholders’ (Individual share capital up to Rs. 2 Lacs) count nearly doubled from 36,273 to 66,051 in the latter quarter; and the percentage increased 4.85% to 5.31%. Similarly, for the shareholders with Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs, the count incremented from 5 to 6 and the holdings increased from 0.82% to 0.86%. The Clearing Members extended their bet from 0.05% to 0.12%. The Non-Resident Indian Non Repatriable rose the value from 0.37% to 0.39%.

Decrease in shareholding % – SBI LARGE & MIDCAP FUND decreased its parts from 4.08% to 3.98%. SMALLCAP WORLD FUND, INC reduced the bet by 0.30% from 1.39% to 1.09%. The Trusts lessened the holdings to half- from 0.06% to 0.03%. The ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT FUND reported a lowering from 0.65% to 0.63%. The Non-Resident Indians’ holding percentage lowered from 0.32% to 0.18%. The Qualified Institutional Buyer shrunk the value from 0.70% to 0.57%. The Bodies Corporate showed a reduction from 11.91% to 11.44%. VLS SECURITIES LIMITED stepped down from 6.57% to 6.56%. VLS FINANCE LTD lowered the bets from 4.43% to 4.17%.

Uniform shareholding % – The Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India at 0.00% and the IEPF at 0.12% maintained identical percentages in both the consecutive quarters of Dec’19 and Mar’20.

The 70.98% of the promoter and promoter group were entirely under the Dua family. There were 12 shareholders in this category of promoters. This number was constant in both the quarters. The no. of public shareholders, enlarged from 38,190 to 68,561 in the quarter ending in March.


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