Mini Receives huge number of customer queries amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The company is saying that ‘Please bear with us during this outbreak time’.

Like many other companies, Mini is receiving a huge number of customer enquiries. Customer is requesting their spot over the past one month. The COVID-19 has affected every individual, family and organizations in the UK.

The company has made sure that its customer team are available and are working from home. They have created a task force to support customer-facing team. Company’s team are working tirelessly but it has been overtaken by the demand for support during this outbreak time.

Mini’s financial service team will be available by telephone from Saturday morning. All of your queries will be solved after that. All the old enquires will be solved as the company has a new taskforce for it. If there is any voice mail or email to the company in recent days will be answered shortly by the team.

At this extraordinary moment, the company is receiving a huge number of calls. So, as per the company policy, the calls waiting time is approximately 2 hours. The company is saying that they know that some of the customers seriously need for financial support so, only calm us if your direct debit is due in the next 10 days. Therefore, the company can give priority to these customers who are in need of it.

Mini says that ‘If it’s not too much trouble hold on for us at this difficult second. You have our confirmation that we are endeavouring to return to each and every client who has been in contact with us as of late, however, it is taking impressive time on the grounds that such huge numbers of individuals have been influenced by the coronavirus’.
Much obliged to you for your understanding, comprehension and backing. If you don’t mind remain safe and remain well.


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