Mini issues a statement in the wake of COVID-19


Mini is a British car marque established in 1969, possessed by German car organization BMW since 2000. It is utilized by them for a scope of little vehicles. The word Mini has been used in the names of vehicle model from 1959. In 1969 it turned into a marque in its own correct when the name “Scaled-down” supplanted the different “Austin Mini” and “Morris Mini” vehicle model names. BMW gained the marque in 1994 when it purchased Rover Group which possessed Mini, among different brands.

Statement :-

The company say that as we are one of the most acknowledged brands in the market, the health and safety of our staff is one of the important parameters in this COVID-19 outbreak. If our staff will be under safety than our customer and our partners will also be safe from this disease. We are following all the guidelines of the Public health England. We are also changing and reviewing our own guidelines and keeping the members of our prestige organization fully informed.

As per the recent news, the company has ceased production in the UK, European, South African and North American plants until April 30, 2020. This decision is taken after looking into some of the factors that are affecting the automotive industry at this time such as the security and protection of employees. In this time, the company is receiving more number of queries. The company is trying to solve all the queries by working from there home which is one of the best options to utilize time. They are telling that safety and wellbeing of their staff is one of the main parts of there company as because of them they are in this stage. The latest Government guidance, all showrooms at company centre are now closed.


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