Massive drop in Two wheeler sales in March 2020 due to COVID-19 |India

The sales report of major two wheeler brands in India has tumbled & there is a massive drop in volumes due to COVID-19.
The COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown is only adding fuel to the already existing slowdown in the automobile industry and sales slipped further in the last month of previous financial year.

Hero Motocorp

The World’s largest Two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Motocorp sold 334,647 units of Motorcycles and Scooters in March 2020. The domestic sales dropped to 316,685 vehicles as against 553,302 vehicles which was sold in March 2019.

The company also saw a downhill in sales figure for Financial Year 2019-2020, with the company selling a total of 6,409,719 vehicles in FY20.

In addition, Hero Motocorp also announced a donation of Rs 100 crore towards relief efforts. 

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto has seen a massive decline of 55 % in its domestic sales, as it was able to sell 98,412 vehicles in March 2020 as against 220,213 vehicles in March 2019. The company further gained 9% growth in exports in 2020. Bajaj is said to have sold, 112,564 vehicles in March 2020 as against 103,325 units in March 2019. The total sales (Domestic+ Export) counts to 210,976 units in the previous month, with a drop of 35% compared to 323,538 units, over a year ago.

Overall, in Financial Year, Bajaj registered a 7% decline in the total sales. The company recorded a drop from 4,236,873 units in FY2019 to 3,947,568 units in FY2020. Hence, the total accounted for the count of (domestic + Export) respectively.

Tvs Motor

TVS Motor Company mobilized the viability of Two-Wheeler manufacturers all around. The COVID-19 impact had diminished the production and sales of the company in the previous month.

The company began the transition to BS-VI in Q3 ofFY20 in a move that has helped it become completely ready to supply these vehicles in Q4. 

  • TVS Motor reported a drop in Domestic two-wheeler to 94,103 units this March, from 247,694 units in March 2019.  The Total two-wheeler sales registered of 133,988 units in the previous month, as against 310,885 units of last year.
  • The company said that total exports stood at of 50,197 vehicles in the previous month, as against 76,405 vehicles in March 2019. Exports of Two-Wheeler stood at 39,885 units this year, as against 63,191 units in March 2019.
  • During 2019-2020, the company’s two-wheeler sales dropped to 30.89 lakh vehicles from 37.57 lakh vehicles in FY2018-2019. Three-wheeler sales were up 11% from 156,000 units in FY2019 to 174,000 units in FY2020.


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