KKR Mauritius at 6.07% in Coffee Day | Mar’20 qtr

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Coffee Day Enterprises Limited, started in 1993 in Southern India, owns and runs large coffee café chains throughout the country. In Dec’19 quarter, the company had 82.36% holdings through the public category and 17.64% through the promoter and promoter group. In Mar’20, the public’s value increased to 83.61% while that of the promoters’ reduced to 16.39%. Comparison of the public shareholding patterns of the two consecutive quarters (December 2019 and March 2020), shows following differences:

Increase in shareholding % – The holdings of all the Mutual Funds grew from 2.45% to 2.31%. The Government Pension Fund Global climbed up the bet from 2.91% to 2.97%. Though the count of shareholders with Individual share capital up to Rs. 2 Lacs lowered from 65,758 to 64,450, their stakes incremented from 10.10% to 10.34%. For the investors with, Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs, the number of shareholders rose from 173 to 189 and the value grew from 11.86% to 12.24%. The NBFCs registered with RBI stepped up their bet from 0.01% to 0.02%. The HUF incremented the value from 0.65% to 0.67%. IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited increased from 4.67% to 10.16%.

Decrease in shareholding % – The Foreign Portfolio Investors lowered their holdings from 4.73% to 4.58%. The Financial Institutions/ Banks stepped down from 3.03% to 3.02%. The Clearing Members lessened the bet from 0.13% to 0.06%. The Bodies Corporate shrunk from 25.93% to 24.39%. Aditya Birla Finance Limited reduced the values from 8.92% to 4.67%. IndusInd Bank Ltd. contracted from 3.71% to 3.48%. Kotak Mahindra Investments Limited sunk from 2.57% to 1.65%.

Unaltered shareholding % – DSP Credit Risk Fund at 2.31%, RBL Bank Limited at 3.02%, Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India at 0.00%, Trusts at 0.01%, Foreign Nationals at 0.00%, Overseas Corporate Bodies 22.35%. Nls Mauritius LLC at 10.61%. KKR Mauritius Pe Investments Ii Ltd at 6.07%, Marina West (Singapore) Pte. Ltd at 4.63%and Marina Iii (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. at 1.04% held unaltered holdings in both the quarters.

Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Limited might have appeared as a new shareholder or have rose above 1.00%, to appear at 2.57% in March’20 quarter. Ecl Finance Ltd might have exited or dipped below 1.00% in Mar’20 quarter; it was at 1.66% in Dec’19 quarter. The number of public shareholders reduced from 69,388 to 67,910.


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