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Kia Motors statement about COVID-19

As the position of our country due to COVID-19, Kia Motors is thinking of their customers, workers and the most important their partners.

Right now, all the businesses of the company are shut down just the workshops are open to provide some of the important items to the citizens.

Company is available on one click from your mobile or computer.

To help reduce any uncertainties, the company have furthermore created FAQ’s that gives wide-extending data. Company workforce will keep administration refreshed as the test perseveres and anticipates giving you the fullest assistance you expect.

Service department

If the service department is working or it will be operating with a reduced number of hours. Appointments will be considered only at this time. Please, do everything online or contact us.

If you are a Kia financial customer and due to coronavirus your financial condition is changed then you should visit the dedicated support page on our website:-

As per the company, the production will start in two weeks after the shut down on March 30 but due to government agreements, the new date is April 27 which can also be changed as per the circumstance.


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