Franklin Templeton, DSP MF Increase stake in Voltas Ltd in March’20 Qtr

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VOLTAS Ltd. comes under the large umbrella of TATA enterprise. The company, specialized towards air conditioning and cooling tech, has 69.70% of public shareholdings. Let us look at what changed in March 2020 quarter and what didn’t, since the December 2019 quarter.

Increase in public shareholdings % – Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund stepped up from 2.93% to 2.94%. DSP Mutual Fund grew from 1.75% to 1.97%. Aditya Birla Sunlife Trustee Company Private Limited rose from 1.72% to 1.76%. Tata Mutual Fund expanded from 1.58% to 1.82%. ICICI Mutual Fund enlarged from 1.46% to 2.15%. Axis Mutual Fund went up from 1.09% to 1.32%. Alternate Investment Funds increased from 0.90% to 1.03%. Financial Institutions/ Banks rose from 0.13% to 0.19%. HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited‘s shares % grew from 2.53% to 2.72%. LLP upgraded its holdings from 0.03% to 0.09%. Non-Resident Indian (NRI) held 0.89% in December 2019 quarter and 0.90% in March 2020 quarter.

Decrease in public shareholding % – Mirae Asset Mutual Fund‘s holdings slipped from 3.59% to 3.56%. HDFC Mutual Fund decreased from 3.45% to 3.42%. IDFC Mutual Funds reduced from 1.66% to 1.62%. Foreign Portfolio Investors held 10.91% which dipped down to 9.87%. Life Insurance Corporation of India decreased the holdings from 5.17% to 4.56%. The no. of shareholders with Individual share capital up to Rs. 2 Lacs increased from 107840 to 116333 but its holding dipped from 14.95% to 14.83%. Trusts held 1.11% in December 2019 quarter and 1.03% in March 2020 quarter. Bodies Corporate had 2.04% holdings which reduced to 1.98%. Clearing Member‘s holdings went from 0.49% to 0.25%.

Unchanged public shareholding % – Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India (0.41%), NBFCs registered with RBI (0.01%), Director or Director’s Relatives (0.00%), Prazim Trading Investment Company Private Limited (1.06%), Foreign Nationals (0.00%), Overseas Corporate Bodies (0.03%) and IEPF (0.62%) display unchanged shareholdings in March 2020 quarter, since December 2019 quarter.

Canara Robeco Mutual Fund entered in March 2020 quarter or might have raised above 1.00% to appear at 1.01%. The no. of shareholders with Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 were 212502 in March 2020 quarter with 0.06% of shareholdings. The pattern shows varying trend depending upon the withdrawals and investments by different categories of shareholders. The Promoter and Promoter Group hold 30.30% of shares in VOLTAS Ltd.


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