Axis Children’s gift fund held about 1,64,000 shares in Infosys|April’20

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AXIS MUTUAL FUND is managed by the AXIS ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED. It comes under the AXIS BANK’s various services. The team provides knowledge and solutions on various financial and investment queries. The investors are informed about the possible risks and about how to manage those risks. There are various schemes under this company. Let’s check, what changed in few of the AXIS schemes in the month of April 2020, as compared to the previous month of March 2020:

AXIS CHILDREN’S GIFT FUND– In this scheme, HDFC Bank Limited’s shares decreased in April- from 1,97,000 to 1,62,000. The parts of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited rose up from 1,22,533 to 1,42,533. The number of shares in Tata Consultancy Services Limited incremented by 8,000 from 80,000 to 88,000. The parts in Bajaj Finance Limited lowered from 59,300 and 58,800. In Apr’20, there was an upward trend in Infosys Limited’ shares from 1,31,000 to 1,64,000. The bet in Bharti Airtel Limited grew from 1,40,000 to 1,75,000. The fund contracted in Castrol India Limited’s investments from 5,50,000 to 4,98,769. The count of shares in Hindustan Unilever Limited widened from 15,000 to 50,000. Endurance Technologies Limited’s shares through this scheme, were at 45,221 shares in March, which extended to 54,221 in the next month. In Apr’20, parts for Motherson Sumi Systems Limited grew from 3,50,000 to 3,72,000. The children’s gift scheme’s shares in Bajaj Finserv Limited increased from 4,534 to 6,454.

AXIS DYNAMIC EQUITY FUND– In Apr’20, Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited’s 5,45,470 shares through this fund, shrunk to 4,68,970. 10,02,522 shares in HDFC Bank Limited were reduced to 9,47,522. The scheme lessened its count of shares in Hindustan Unilever Limited from 2,89,085 to 2,05,685. Investments (Shares) in Asian Paints Limited decremented from 3,88,053 to 3,74,853. In Bajaj Finance Limited, the number sunk from 2,60,752 to 1,93,502. The equity fund slacked down the shares from 89,477 to 2,800 in ACC Limited, a cement manufacturer company.

AXIS ARBITRAGE FUND– In this, Larsen & Toubro Limited’s count decreased 13,29,750 from 9,75,375. This fund deducted its Maruti Suzuki India Limited’s shares from 2,00,600 to 1,72,500. For Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, arbitrage fund declined the shares from 21,50,000 to 17,40,000. The number in Ambuja Cements Limited expanded from 1,77,500 to 2,12,500. This scheme rose its bet in Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited from 67,200 to 72,800. GAIL (India) Limited, a Gas company, had 6,93,420 shares in Mar’20, through this fund, which dipped to 5,33,400 in the latter month. The shareholding count in Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited widened from 3,90,400 to 5,96,800. The stakes in Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited lowered from 9,19,700 to 8,19,400. The scheme grew its value count in State Bank of India from 17,07,000 to 26,88,000. In March 2020, fund’s share-count in Pidilite Industries Limited was at 1,80,000; the fund lessened it later to 1,57,000, in April.

AXIS EQUITY HYBRID FUND– Here, share-count in Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited shrunk from 5,81,697 to 5,21,697. This equity hybrid fund decreased from 3,92,000 to 3,12,000 in Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. In ICICI Bank Limited, the scheme followed the similar trend of reduction, from 17,20,000 to 15,48,000. There was reduction in the shares of Container Corporation of India Limited, a transportation company, from 2,74,307 to 1,60,163.


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